Gasoil down $3.25/MT in Asia after settling down $12/mt ovnite in London at $484/MT with Mar/Jul contango widening significantly to 9.50/mt while Mar/Jun closed at $7.50/mt as vessels keep looking for home. BOGO rose another $6/mt @ +$266/mt which is $46/mt in 3 trading session. FAME premium for Mar showing +420 on paper while RME offered at +457 which equates to +437 FAME. US Biodiesel RINs were lower at 83cpg as tax credit now getting discounted into RINs prices. 3:2:1 crack rises moderates to $15.46 as product prices see a sell off not matched by crude. Euro weaker at 1.0513. US Dollars index rips higher to 102.07 . JPY much weaker at 114.18. CNY weaker at 6.898 while CNH (offshore) prints also weaker at 6.89 which is first time in a while that offshore rate is stronger than domestic CNY.